School Breakfast Program

Benefits of Breakfast at School

As students prepare to start a new school year, school nutrition program staff are getting ready to serve nutritious school meals starting each day with breakfast at school!  Breakfast has long been said to be the most important meal of the day because it “breaks the fast” after many hours without food from the night before until the beginning of a new day.  Eating a healthy breakfast provides fuel the body needs to jumpstart the day and help a child learn.  There are a multitude of benefits from eating breakfast for children, parents, and schools alike.

Breakfast Expansion Tools

We at School Nutrition believe in breakfast, and we aren’t the only ones. Read how Breakfast and the Brain: How Eating Breakfast Impacts School Performance. To help your school increase your breakfast participation we have compiled a list of resources for you.

Eating breakfast regularly is related to higher school connectedness and academic performance

Shake Up your Wake Up

Get students excited about breakfast! 

Breakfast for learning facts sheet

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