PSTU Documents and Forms

Guides, workbooks, forms, and other documents to help you understand professional training and standards.


USDA Hiring Flexibility Under Professional Standards
USDA Summary of School Nutrition Program Director Professional Standards by Local Educational Agency Size CORRECTED TABLE
USDA Professional Standards for Hiring and Training Requirements
USDA Professional Learning Standards Topics and Codes
USDA Professional Standards Website
USDA Professional Standards Training Tracking Tool

Director Training

Seamless Summer Option Training Webinar

Part 1: SSO Overview
Part 2: SSO Operations
Part 3: SSO Monitoring


Site Worksheet Template
SSO Webinar Workbook
SP37-2015 USDA Memo
Site Production Record
SSO Webinar Workbook
Blank Site Info form
Meal Count form
SSO Webinar Workbook
Approval Checklist
Review form
Mobile Route Template
AR form

Verification Webinar

Sample Procedure
Non-Response Rate 2017
Income Eligibility Guideline SY16-17
Verification Worksheet
Verification Letters
Verification Letters 2
Record of Action Form
Collection Report Data Entry Users Guide
Data by the Date Reporting
Collection Report

Director Conference

Directors’ Conference Presentations

Summer Training Videos

Meal Counting, Claiming
Vending Machines
Crediting Grains Correctly (11 minutes)
Food Production Record Training (15 Minutes)

Manager-In-Training (M.I.T.) Online Course

Georgia Nutrition Training Online (GNTO) Log-in

Orientation for Nutrition Employee (O.N.E.)

ONE Course Road Map

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