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MEDIA CONTACT: Meghan Frick, GaDOE Communications Office,
404-416-2286, mfrick@doe.k12.ga.us
*Please follow phone calls with a text message if possible.


Districts, schools, organizations and providers: Use the hashtag #KeepGAFed to post about your work to provide student meals and #KeepGALearning to post about your efforts to provide learning opportunities for students. We’ll use these hashtags to help you spread the word to students, parents, and families.

School Nutrition Directors, Coordinators and Manager/Supervisors:
The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program (GaDOE SNP) is approved from the USDA National office to allow our local Georgia districts to apply for school meal service in the occurrence of unanticipated school closures and non-congregate meal service options due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, you will be able to submit the attached application to the GaDOE SNP.

USDA Waivers
04272020 COVID19 Extension of Unanticipated School Closures Nationwide Waiver
GaDOE Approval Letter
Application for Meal Service
04272020 CN COVID19 Local School Wellness Triennial Assessment Nationwide Waiver
04242020 COVID19 FSMC Nationwide Waiver #19
04232020 CN COVID19 Local School Wellness Triennial Assessment Nationwide Waiver
04212020 FNS.2020.08.COVID19 SFSP Nationwide Waivers Cover
FNS.2020.09.COVID19 SFSP First Week SIte Visits Nationwide Waiver
FNS.2020.07.COVID19 SFSP Closed Enrolled Nationwide Waiver
FNS.2020.06.COVID19 SFSP Meal Service Time Nationwide Waiver
FNS.2020.05.COVID19 SFSP OVS Nationwide Waiver
COVID19 Second Meal Pattern Nationwide Waiver FINAL
03282020 GA Area Eligibility Waiver Response APPROVED 
03272020 Nationwide Onsite Monitoring Requirements APPROVED Waiver
03252020 Nationwide CEP Deadlines APPROVED Waiver
Nationwide Meal Pattern Flexibility APPROVED Waiver
Nationwide Parent Pickup APPROVED Waiver
03232020 Georgia Area Eligibility REQUESTED Waiver
03222020 Georgia Meal Time Flexibility APPROVED Waiver
03202020 Nationwide NonCongregate Meal APPROVED Waiver


USDA Memos
04212020 SP15-2020
04152020 P-EBT Q&A
04112020 SP13-2020 Covid Outbreak Q&A 2
SP14-2020 Covid Outbreak Q&A 3
04092020 COVID-19 FFVP Guidance
COVID-19 SFSP and SSO Meal Delivery Using Existing Authority Q&A
03062020 SP08_SFSP04-2020os
12012016 SP08-CACFp04-SFSP03-2017s Area Eligibility
COVID Resources
COVID-19 Grant Opportunities
Multiple Day Meals Food Safety Practices – Attachment A
Safe Handling Practices – Attachment B
SSO Food Transport Sheet 
Employee and Food Safety Guidelines
Masks: Recommendation for School Nutrition Employees
COVID-19 Procurement Guidance
Instrucciones de almacenamiento y calentamiento de comidas
‘Keep Refrigerated’  Printable Labels
Dymo Printer  2 5/16″ x 4″
Dymo Printer 1 1/8″ x 3 1/2″
Dymo Printer 2″ x 3″
Avery Presta 94200
Avery Presta 94207
‘Heat at Home’ Printable Labels
Dymo Printer  2 5/16″ x 4″
Dymo Printer 1 1/8″ x 3 1/2″
Dymo Printer 2″ x 3″
Avery Presta 94200
Avery Presta 94207
Reach out to Dr. Ellen Steinberg, Food Safety Specialist, with any questions
CDC Coronavirus Resources

CDC:  What School Nutrition Professionals and Volunteers at Schools Need to Know about COVID-19
Information on Preventing  COVID-19 spread in schools.
Coronavirus Guidelines for America
Preparing and Disinfecting Your Home

Fact sheet: How to Protect Yourself
English   Chinese    Spanish

Fact sheet: What You Need to Know
English   Simplified Chinese   Spanish
Fact sheet: What to Do If You Are Sick
English     Simplified Chinese    Spanish
Poster: Stop the Spread of Germs
English    Spanish   Simplified Chinese
Poster: Stop the Spread of Germs
English    Spanish

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