Georgia is requesting a state-wide waiver to extend the requirement to review each school food authority contracting with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC) at least once every 3 years to a 5-year cycle that aligns with the current procurement review cycle being used.

And as always, the Procurement Team is happy to help with any of your procurement needs:

Lisa Powell

Micro Purchase Log
Emergency Purchase Log
IFB Checklist
Required Contract Provisions
Small Purchase Quote Tabulation Log
Piggybacking Agreement Form
Code of Conduct Template
IFB – RFP Addendum Form
New CAPITAL EQUIPMENT Approved Equipment List
Capital Expenditure Pre-Approval Request FILLABLE Form
Capital Expenditure Pre-Approval Checklist
Flowchart  describing the 5 procurement methods and how it works
Flowchart 8×11 download
Infographic on micro-purchasing per 2 CFR 200.320.
New Civil Rights Language 51617
Debarment, Suspension, and Ineligible Form
Buy American Provision Justification Form
USDA OCFS Fact Sheet Decision Tree
Selling Local
Geographic Preference

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