As solicitations are being prepared for the upcoming school year, please keep in mind that all items purchased with School Nutrition Funds must be properly procured according to 2 CFR 200 and 7 CFR 210.21.  This also applies to the State-Wide Contracts for Milk and Bread, which were previously vetted by the State Agency for USDA compliance through FY 19.  These bids must be assessed and reviewed annually to ensure compliance with USDA requirements.

At this point, the FY 20 State-Wide Bread and Milk Bids have not yet been finalized. We have just been notified by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) that the milk bid will be renewed, and that bread has been extended until October 2019 and will then be rebid. We are currently in the process of collecting the documentation to re-evaluate the milk bid and will assess bread once the bid proposals are made available. This assessment will affect whether these contracts can be used with no other procurement or as one of your three bids.

There are two options available for you to consider:

  1. Solicit bids for bread and/or milk independently of the state-wide bids
  2. Utilize the extension for bread and/or milk with the possibility of using the state-wide contract.

Please note, if your School Nutrition Program decides to utilize the extension, please be aware that there is a potential risk involved with contract and service timing, transitioning, and uncertainty regarding the use of the State-Wide Milk and Bread Contracts without the additional collection of bids.

Each SFA has the authority to make the decision that is best for their system’s School Nutrition Program.

Please remember that any other Statewide Contracts, whether food or non-food items, cannot be used by the SNP without further procurement. This means that state-wide contracts can be used as one of at least three bids if desired but cannot be considered for use without the further fair and open procurement of additional bids.

Also, do not forget that any solicitations which are forecasted to cost $100,000 or more must be advertised on the GA Procurement Registry at For helpful instructions on posting bids click the plus sign at or contact the DOAS Procurement Help Desk (

And as always, the Procurement Team is happy to help with any of your procurement needs:

Lisa Powell –
Teresa Stevenson –

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