PrimeroEdge is an integrated software solution built for Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 School districts and State Agencies. The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program is currently using the Team Work module (to track training) and the Food Safety Inspections module.  Additional modules will be added in the future.

Food Safety Inspections Module
Health Inspections will no longer be entered in School Nutrition Online as of February 20, 2019, and you will begin to use the PrimeroEdge Food Safety Module for all Food Safety entries.

Food Safety Inspections Module
Feel free to contact Veronica Stewart  or your Area Consultant if you have any questions.

Team Work Module (for tracking training)
PrimeroEdge Team Work is a tracking module for school nutrition SFAs to record employee training which complies with the USDA Professional Standards rule. It is the responsibility of the local School Nutrition Director (or designee) to enter their school nutrition managers and staff into PrimeroEdge Team Work and record annual training for their employees.

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