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New Shake It Up In School Nutrition Initiative

Georgia School Nutrition Program has launched a new initiative called Shake It Up in School Nutrition. The pilot, three-day workshop was hosted by Lanier Culinary Career Academy (LCCA) in Hall County, June 21st through June 23rd.

School chefs, school coordinators/managers/directors, and GaDOE employees (such as Area Consultants) attended to brainstorm new ways to improve school lunches. School chefs were encouraged to shake it up by adding herbs and spices to recipes — especially flavors that are trending for students, and to shake it up in their school nutrition programs by thinking outside the lunchbox.

The workshop included two days of testing four (4) new school lunch recipes (***, ***, ***, ***). Each of the four groups was assigned a recipe to make for Day 1, using USDA-provided pre-cooked diced chicken and other common ingredients. On Day 2, a select group of teachers, students, and board members were invited to taste test the new recipes and provide feedback. After the taste testing, the school and GaDOE personnel in attendance tasted and rated the dishes.

Because two (*** and ***) of the four recipes were determined to be standouts on Day 2, Day 3 was dedicated to tweaking the other two recipes (*** and ***). Additional adult guests, including a board member, attended on the third day to taste test these recipes.

The pilot workshop was a huge success! Chefs enjoyed working together and exchanging ideas with each other, and school nutrition administrative personnel enjoyed dusting off their aprons and helping prepare the meals. Our own GaDOE School Nutrition Nancy Rice was an enthusiastic participant at the 3-day event.

Word of the workshop traveled, and other local school nutrition programs are excited to participate in future workshops.

Shouts outs: Chef John and Chef ___ of LCCA; board members Larry Winter (District ___) and Kevin Boyd (District ___); ***.

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