Food Waste Project

Food Waste Project Kit

Food Waste Observation Overview
Food Waste Study Fillable Recording Tool Instructions
Food Waste Study Fillable Recording Tool

These generic letters should be personalized and printed on your county/school letterhead. They explain in detail the process of the plate waste study.
1. Inital Letter to Principal GENERIC
2. Letter to Faculty and Staff GENERIC
3. First letter home GENERIC
4. Closing letter to Parents day before last observation GENERIC

All items below are available for download. The book is a PDF format. Per your printer’s specifications, it can be made into a double sided booklet letter sized and folded in half, or on tabloid (11×17) paper if you want to read it to the class instead of small group work.
Chill-E Roma Story Book 2019 FINAL PDF
Chill-E Roma Story Book 2019 FINAL WORD
Produce Pals PowerPoint presentation
ChillE & Roma Coloring Page
Everyone Coloring Page
Farmers and Farm Coloring Page
Farmers and School Coloring Page

What to do when food waste occurs
Composting Resources
Georgia Sharing Table SOPv0916

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