Food-Based Learning Resources

Look no further.
Resources found here provide examples of ways to connect the classroom and cafeteria Food-Based learning experiences.

NEW! Watch  all episodes of Toon in Tuesdays
Episode 1: Egg-citing Egg-speriment
Episode 2: Gratitude
Episode 3: Strawberry plants
Episode 4: Let’s make Salsa!
Episode 5: Painting with Blueberries
Episode 6: Dancing Blueberries
Episode 7: Blueberry Picnic
Episode 8: Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie

NEW! Watch all episodes of Harvest with Holly
Episode 1: Strawberry Snacks
Episode 2: Strawberries in Georgia
Episode 3: Blueberry Recipes
Episode 4: Sheet Pan Pancakes

NEW! Harvest of the Month 2020-2021 Packets!

Everything you need to promote HOTM in one download! Customizable serving line signs, graphics, fact sheets, information and resources for teachers, and ‘punny’ signs to use for photo ops or serving lines.

Georgia Grown Food-Based Learning

Food related curricula that meets Georgia Standards of Excellence in all K-12 subject areas.

Celebration Calendar

Food-Based learning opportunities for local and national celebration days.

Engagement Resources

These food based learning resources provide opportunities for student and community engagement.

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