Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Feeding Guidance for Georgia School Food Authorities Using USDA Foods

Emergency Preparedness

In light of the current approaching storm, the Disaster Planning/Response Team would like to provide some important information. LEAs are to follow their community’s Disaster Emergency Plan first which includes the Red Cross and FEMA.  The hotline 1-800 number should be the first point of contact for questions and/or concerns.

Hotline number: 1-800-347-0023

If no response, please contact the Disaster Planning/Response Team cell phone numbers (listed below) for further assistance.

Disaster Planning/Response Team

Kathy Peavy: 404-576-9334
Mary Ramsaier-Kirk: 404-804-4547
Shante’ Williams: 404-615-2824

Red Cross Facilities Use Agreement

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