Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Feeding Guidance for Georgia School Food Authorities Using USDA Foods

Water Emergency Information

Water Interruption Brochure
(Georgia Department of Public Health)

Boil Water Advisory Guidelines
(DeKalb County Board of Health)

Contaminated Water/Interruption Guidance Document
(Georgia Department of Public Health) http://www.garestaurants.org/uploads/4/4/5/3/44535221/wi_guidance_doc_table_a.pdf

Emergency Preparedness

In light of the current approaching storm, the Disaster Planning/Response Team would like to provide some important information. LEAs are to follow their community’s Disaster Emergency Plan first which includes the Red Cross and FEMA.  The hotline 1-800 number should be the first point of contact for questions and/or concerns.

Hotline number: 1-800-347-0023

If no response, please contact the Disaster Planning/Response Team cell phone numbers (listed below) for further assistance.

Disaster Planning/Response Team

Kathy Peavy: 404-576-9334
Mary Ramsaier-Kirk: 404-804-4547
Shante’ Williams: 404-615-2824

GA Dept of Public Health Environmental Health Emergency 

Emergency Preparedness
Meal Service During Unanticipated School Closures
Keep Your Food Safe During Emergencies
Salvaging Food After Flood

Red Cross Facilities Use Agreement

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