EDGE Software

EDGE is an integrated software solution built for Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 School Districts and State Agencies. The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program is currently using the Team Work module (to track training) and the Food Safety Inspections module. Additional modules will be added in the future.

DISTRICT Instructions for Entering into EDGE Software

EDGE DC Instructions Manual

Team Work Module (for tracking training)
EDGE Team Work is a tracking module for school nutrition SFAs to record employee training which complies with the USDA Professional Standards rule. It is the responsibility of the local School Nutrition Director (or designee) to enter their school nutrition managers and staff into EDGE Team Work and record annual training for their employees.

Team Work FAQs

Food Safety Inspections Module

The Food Safety module has been in use since February 20, 2019. As a result, this is the first USDA annual report, due November 15, 2019, that uses data entered throughout the year. Congratulations to everyone on getting that information in.

Instructions for Entering Food Safety Inspection Scores

Direct Certification

The Direct Certification module was made available in May 2019, and is currently in use by several systems. 160 systems have used the product for at least one matching process. Others have used EDGE Direct Certification multiple times. If you are interested in training or support for Direct Certification, please contact Dr. Suzanne Goebel.

Instructions for DC Student Search

Administrative Reviews

EDGE software is currently being used for Administrative Reviews. This is the first cycle to use the new software and things are going well. We are partnering with the software developers every step of the way and update as issues arise.

AR Webinar with Quiz Audience: SFA’s with SY19-20 Reviews


Webinar: Standard Counting and Claiming in Combination Districts Part 1
Webinar: Standard Counting and Claiming in Combination Districts Part 2
Webinar: Districts Who Do Not Process Applications

Food Distribution

District Specific EDGE Training Webinar for Food Distribution
Webinar Handouts

General EDGE Training for Food Distribution

Other Upcoming Modules and Dates are:

  • Contracts (School Set Up and School Application) 4/6/20
  • SSO Review 5/27/20
  • Claims 7/7/20
  • Seamless Summer 9/23/20
  • Financials 10/1/20
  • Grants 1/12/21

Please contact Dr. Suzanne Goebel if you have any questions.

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