Administrative Review Resources

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Afterschool Snack Program
1. Afterschool Form
2. Meal Supplement Afterschool Care Program Site Review Form

Essentials & Tools

Administrative Review Timeline
List of Items for the AR Off-site
Lists of Items for the AR SFA Onsite
List of Items for the AR Onsite School Level
Administrative Review Guidance Manual 2018_2019
AR_On-site Assessment Tool SY1819
RM Risk Indicator Tool SY 2018-19
Dietary Specification Assessment Tool

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Form
Civil Rights Compliance Requirements and Procedures
USDA Nondiscrimination Statement
Prototype Triennial Assessment Form
LWP Compliance Checklist for SFA
Services for LEP and Disabled Household Checklist
Sample Civil Rights Complaint Procedure
Sample Civil Rights Complaint Log
Requirements Accommodating Special Diets

Common Findings & Corrective Action

Common Findings and corrective actions Activity – answer key

Food Safety
1. Food_Safety_HACCPGuidance
2. State Agency HACCP Review Checklist
3. Food-Safe-Schools-Action-Guide
4. Anatomy of Food Safety Plan
5. Food Safety Checklist (1)
6. Employee Health Policy
7. Employee Illness Quick Decision Guide
8. Contamination Event SOP
9. Body Fluid Cleanup Kit
10. Cold storage temperature log
11. Milk Box Temperature Logs
12. Dry Storage Temp Log
13. cooking-temp-log
14. Refrigeration Log
15. Program Overview Fillable Form

Free & Reduced
1. Benefit Issuance Roster
2. Sample Procedures for Point of Service
3. Sample Verification Procedure

Meal Pattern
1. Administrative Review – Nutrition Resource SY17
2. DE0121 Lunch Food Production Records Current Copy
3. DE0121 Food Production Records Current Copy
4. manufacturer Product Formulation Statement tipsheet
5. Nutrient_Analysis_Protocols_SY1617[1]
6. Production Record Activity – Answer Key
7. Identifying an Acceptable Product Formulation Statement Key
8. Meal Pattern and Certification1-6-17
9. Exhibit A – updated
10. Meal Pattern 3-7 day weeks
11. The Vegetable Subgroup Handout


USDA Memo List 2016-2017

Professional Standards
1. ps_guide
2. PSFlyerB4OCEdits3-6
3. USDA memo on Professional Standards
4. Agenda-Sign in Sheet

State Board Rules

1. 160-5-1-.22
2. 160-5-6-.01. Statewide School Nutrition Program July 2015
3. State Board Rule Checklist -1

Wellness Policy

1. FR-072116c LWP Final Rule
2. SP24-2017 Wellness Policy Q&A



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