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Local Ground Beef Served in White County Schools

White County School Nutrition Director, Abby Rowland partnered with her local Ag. Extension Office and City of Cleveland Chamber of Commerce to champion Farm to City efforts and showcase not only Georgia grown but White County grown products in school meals this week. http://www.wrwh.com/white-county-school-students-enjoy-white-county-products-during-farm-city-week/

Taco Tuesday had a whole new meaning in White County this week! Farmer Matthew London with WC Beef provided fresh beef—processed on Thursday and delivered to schools on Friday—for three of their elementary schools. Jim West with Sautee Valley Beef delivered meat to Mt. Yonah Elementary School.

West says, “The beef I grow here in Sautee is born on the farm and raised for approximately 2 ½ years before taken to the processor. The cows only eat grass their entire life I give no vaccines, antibiotics, chemicals or medications of any kind.  If a cow or calf gets sick it is treated but taken out of the program and sold at auction.  I use minerals that help substitute for medications and keep the cows healthy.  I use an organic fertilizer on the pastures and on the hay I feed in the winter.”

Information was shared with administrators and teachers for discussions with students on agriculture and the farm to school lunch

Local grits were used in Brunch for lunch. Other Georgia grown items served as part of school lunch this week include sweet potatoes, collards and green beans. Plans are already in the works to provide for fresh ground beef for the county chili recipe.

Rowland is now working with these local farmers on how they can provide the freshest beef for all White County schools.

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